Katherine Antel

Project: Transcriptomic profiling of HIV-associated diffuse large B cell lymphoma; Developing lymphoma diagnostic pathways for low-resource settings; Defining and targeting MRD in Follicular Lymphoma.


Jackson Appelt

Project: Characterizing the spatial organization of tumor and immune cells in Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas using high-plex imaging


Bimarzhan Assatova

Project: Novel Targets in T-cell Lymphomas

Allen Thayakumar Basanthakumar

Project:  New therapeutics for high-risk lymphomas


Lydie Debaize, PhD

Focus: Defining vulnerabilities of minimal residual disease (MRD) in B-cell lymphomas

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Jessica Duffy

Project: Mouse models with ALK+ LBCL and Follicular lymphoma and novel therapeutic targets in B Cell Lymphomas


Tayla Heavican, PhD

Project: CAR-T 37, Nascent Transcriptomics, Profiling PDXs

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Salvia Jain, MD

Projects: Experimental Therapeutics in T-cell Lymphomas
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Marcus (Mark) Jones

Project: : T-cell lymphoma characterization via nascent transcriptomic sequencing

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Huiyun Liu
Huiyun Liu

Projects: Mouse Models of ALL, Experimental Therapeutics in Xenograft Models
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Abner Louissaint, MD, PhD
Abner Louissaint, MD, PhD

Projects: Genomics of Follicular Lymphoma, Signaling in Lymphoma
(617) 582–8866

Alexis Mottram

Project: Novel Targets in T-cell Lymphoma

Sam Ng, MD, PhD

Projects: Novel Targets in T-cell Lymphomas, Mouse Models of T-cell Transformation
(617) 582–9171


Ajit Nirmal, PhD

Project: Multi-dimensional characterization of lymphoma using single-cell sequencing, high-plex imaging and biophysical measurements to model the tumor microenvironment and identify novel therapeutic targets.



Nora Scanlan


Wenchao Wu, PhD

Focus: Drug Resistance and Novel Targets in T-Cell Lymphomas
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Gongwei Wu, PhD

Focus: Novel Targets and Mechanisms in Lymphomas
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Ran Xu, PhD.

Project:  Identification and characterization of minimal residual disease using single-cell sequencing and multiplex imaging for novel therapeutic targets in lymphomas

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