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  • Models of lineage switching

    titleLineage switching in a malignant progenitor can result through dedifferentiation, transdifferentiation or loss of lineage markers.

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  • Site-specific targeting


    FISH demonstrating site-specific targeting of a DNA repair reporter using targeted endonucleases 

  • Bromodomain inhibition in ALL

    titleVolcano plot of gene expression changes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells treated with vehicle (Veh) the bromodomain inhibitor JQ1 indicates a restricted effect on gene expression, including reductions in IL7R and MYC expression.

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  • HSP90 inhibition in lymphoma


    titleFLT-PET scans demonstrating loss of thymidine uptake in primary mantle cell lymphoma xengrafts after treatment with the HSP90 inhibitor AUY922


  • CRLF2 dysregulation

    altFISH and IHC demonstrating overexpression of CRLF2 due to a CRLF2/IGH translocation (bottom left) or an intra-chromosomal deletion (bottom right).

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  • Inhibition of JAK2 V617F


    CT scans of mice with JAK2 V617F-driven myeloproliferation treated with vehicle or the JAK2 inhibitor BVB808.

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The Laboratory Focus

The Weinstock laboratory utilizes a range of approaches at the intersection of cancer genetics and DNA repair to address the ontogeny, pathogenesis, and therapeutic targeting of hematologic neoplasms.  Our goal is to identify new prognostic markers and therapeutic targets and then translate these into better outcomes for patients with leukemia and lymphoma.  We lead an effort at DFCI to develop a large repository of human hematologic malignancy xenografts that can be broadly utilized to test novel therapeutics and interrogate mechanisms of in vivo engraftment and expansion.



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To support research in the Weinstock Laboratory, please feel free to contact us.  Alternatively, make checks payable to "Dana-Farber Cancer Institute", include "Dr. Weinstock's Research" in the memo line of the check, and mail to:

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